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I really appreciate the fact that I don't have to take my electronics anywhere because this technician comes to my location and doesn't mind that I watch and ask a ton of questions.

Ashley Newberg

After taking my computer two other places first, I was told that I needed an entire new circuit board. I figured a third opinion couldn't hurt if its free, so I called this listing and I was glad I did. Turns out it was just a power supply problem and I had it back an hour later working great. He was always honest and up front about the diagnosis, my options, and the steps necessary for the repair. Can't beat service that good for only $60!!

Daniel Duncan

Like an all in one go-to guy for anything IT. Since the first free consultation, I have had nothing except honest simple answers. Shocked to realize I was able to watch and learn about my device repair as opposed to drop it off, pick it up.
I can call, text, email and schedule a time for consult if just a phone call isn't enough, and he comes over so I don't have to drag my T.V. or game console around town.
Thinking about getting a wind and solar generator installation to power my entertainment and communication devices.

Dylan Riser

Awesome experiencing with repair on my laptop. Laptop Liberators Electronic Repair stays true to the 15% more affordable than other services, but do not let that weary you with the quality of the service because it is superb. This is the first computer repair service Company I will go to and the first one I will refer someone to. Thank You.

Seoulec Gunvalson

professional service with a cheap price. My laptop's audio port is broken, I first went to norman computers, they are asking for $95 and needs 2 days to repair . then I went to OU IT store, and they are charging me $80 just to open my laptop. Finally, I went to this place and this guy told me $40 could do the job. At last, he found my audio port's problem and fixed it in 30 minutes and he only charged me $30. I gave him $5 as tip, because he is awesome.

Don m

Fixed my iPhones cracked screen fast, very affordable, and my phone was perfect.

Sara Smith

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